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What does the Token distribution look like?

Total Supply - 80,000,000 SOLD Team - 5% Liquidity - 15% Staking - 15% Treasury - 25% Platform Incentives - 40%
The team token distribution:
Total team tokens - 4 000 0000
1 000 000 at 0.6$;
1 000 000 at 0.9$;
1 000 000 at 1.5$;
1 000 000 at 2.5$.

When and where are you going to hold the IEO?

IEO will start on 28th of June on ExMarkets exchange

There is an Airdrop happening, how will the tokens be distributed?

After the campaign is over, all qualified participants will get SOLD Native tokens, which will be delivered to any Solana Blockchain-supported wallet.


Who is in the team behind

Solana has piqued our interest, and we've collected a group of crypto professionals from around the world to collaborate on the Solanax Project. The Bunker of Global Decentralized Finance.

What is the end goal of the project?

The ultimate goal is to launch SOLANAX - open source liquidity and DeFi protocol that the Solana community can easily adopt and reuse for future projects.

Besides the official roadmap, are there any other plans that will be considered?

Yes, absolutely! We hope that our community will assist us in driving and developing the product, and we will value and consider their feedback. Additional features, or secondary goods, will undoubtedly appear along the road.